PayPal Makes the Space on Its Page Tidier and Simple

PayPal Makes the Space on Its Page Tidier and Simple

As you must be aware, PayPal, an American company, offers users the facility to make easier international payment transactions. With a worldwide user base of 244 million, PayPal has been updating its app on a regular basis in order to improve the user experience. More importantly, PayPal has always provided its users with smooth and secure transactions.

Just to be updated and to maintain the pace of technology development, PayPal has redesigned its mobile app. A major focus will be on easy use and access while sending and requesting money. PayPal is trying to focus on its primary features of sending and requesting money by giving it more space. Other buttons such as Offers and Donate will be hidden under the drop-down menu of ‘More.’ If anyone needs to access them, they just need to click on ‘More.’ This move came about to make sure the home screen is simpler and hassle-free to use.

Even though PayPal is hiding these extra items under the one single button on the home screen, it still lacks enough space for the button of sending and requesting money. Customized notifications will take the place of “Send Money” and “Request Money” buttons, and hence, the main send and request buttons will be pushed down on the App.

As you can see that the new update will push the main buttons at the bottom of the interface.

The home screen will allocate more space for personalized notifications. Users can get alerts of the latest transactions. Hopefully, these changes will not affect the security of the transactions that PayPal has been successfully providing us with for quite a long time.

The last update was released two years ago, and the latest update will be released gradually for android devices. Currently, the new update appears user-friendly as it promises to be. Hopefully, it brings positive feedback from the business users as well.

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